God Knows

The LORD sees everything, whether good or bad.
Proverbs 15:3 (CEV Contemporary English Version)

We know and should understand God created it all. We shouldn’t be surprised that he sees and knows everything, even though we cannot see him. Would believers live differently if they believed God knew everything they did?

God Sees It All

Theologians use the terms omniscient and omnipresent to show that God knows everything (or is all knowing) and is present everywhere—but these words are not in the Bible. And knowing God hates evil (see Proverbs 6:16-19) and he rewards good should comfort believers.

Because God sees/knows everything mankind does, there are no secrets kept from him. This should be a stern warning to those who thumb their nose at sin and keep doing as they please. Whether you are a theologian or not, it’s true that God knows everything and we don’t! We’ve been warned.

It comes down to this: whether we live for God or for ourselves—it is our choice! Choose life in God almighty—he loves us so much. Would believers live differently if they believed God saw everything they did?

Prayer: Father, let me never forget you see all I do and know all about me. Keep me on track and protect me by your overwhelming love.