Come To Me – Children

“Allow the little ones to come to me”(Eyewitness Mark 10:14c).

Eyewitness: p. 178
Eyewitness Stories: Mark 10: 13-16; Matthew 18: 3
In Your Bible: Mark 10: 13-16; Matthew 18: 3

Many times people brought children to Jesus for him to touch and bless them. Here, he uses children as an example of the openness, honesty, and eagerness/seeking necessary to become believers. Jesus says “come to me.”

Little Ones Come To Me

In this account his disciples were not ungracious men. They wanted to protect Jesus as his time came near to entering Jerusalem…and facing the Cross. When Jesus saw his disciples trying to keep the little ones away, he objected loudly.

Jesus said, “Allow the little ones to come to me. Of such is the Kingdom of God. Without exception, I tell you, those who do not accept the Kingdom of God like a young child cannot enter” (Eyewitness Stories Mark 10:14c, 15).

The Kingdom of God

Jesus used children’s openness as an example for all to see. Yes, children readily saw compassion in Jesus eyes.

What Jesus sees in children:

  • Humility and Obedience -they have not yet learned to think of pride and prestige
  • Trust – acceptance of authority and confidence in other people
  • Short memory – they have not learned to bear grudges and nor harbor bitterness

Indeed, of such character are child-like believers in the Kingdom of God. * Yes, Jesus says, children/little ones come to me.

Prayer: Father, help me understand Kingdom principles as a little child. Keep me hungry for your Word. Keep me loving as You love.

Questions: Why does it seem strange for Jesus to rebuke his disciples? When you consider the fact that Jesus knew how close he was to undertaking his father’s plan, is his patience with children even more amazing?

* The Daily Study Bible, The Gospel of Mark, William Barclay, Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1975, pp. 241,242.

The Kingdom of God

“If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but let go, and you’ll get life on God’s terms” (THE MESSAGE Luke 17:33).

THE MESSAGE: Luke 17:20,21 and 33
In Your Bible: Luke 17:20,21 and 33

Chapter 17 of Luke provides many of Jesus’ difficult teachings:

  • Relationships – the need to forgive one another
  • Faith – believers have enough faith
  • Servanthood – do what you are told to do
  • Miraculous healings – the ten lepers
  • Confrontation by confused Pharisees – about signs when the Messiah would return

But maybe most important, Jesus talked about “the Kingdom of God” – in Luke 33 times

Kingdom Is Among You

The Pharisees didn’t understand the signs of the Messiah’s return. Jesus told them the Kingdom was not an external one, but an internal and spiritual Kingdom for the believer!* Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God doesn’t come by counting days on the calendar. Nor when someone says, ‘Look here, or there it is! Why? Because God’s Kingdom is already among you'” (THE MESSAGE Luke 17:20,21).

Kingdom Living

This new teaching by Jesus changed man’s thinking from his own desires to living as the Messiah inspires! That’s an amazing concept. Jesus spent about three years speaking, preaching, teaching and doing Kingdom of God things.

Application: Jesus taught and emphasized the Kingdom of God as a critical theme throughout Luke. Jesus declared it as Life on God’s terms.

Prayer: Father, thank you for this teaching on the Kingdom of God. Help me let go of my life so I can live life your way.

Question: As you read through Luke, notice how many times Jesus explains the Kingdom of God. Is “living your life on God’s terms” new thinking to you? How can you implement it?