Insights into the Kingdom of Heaven

“I teach stories because some people with open eyes choose to see nothing. They listen with their ears but hear nothing” (Eyewitness Stories Matthew 13:13).

Eyewitness: pp. 85,86
Eyewitness Stories: Matthew 13:14,15
In Your Bible: Matthew 13:14,15

After teaching the parable of the Sower/Seed, Jesus frankly speaks to his disciples. He makes sure they know he’s giving the mysteries of the Kingdom through parables and stories. These mysteries reveal the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prophet’s Foretold It

Isaiah, the prophet, understood the fullness of God’s character: In judgment and mercy, discipline and grace, justice and forgiveness, exile and salvation. He earnestly challenged his people to return to God and prophesied many times about the Messiah to come. *

Jesus Said It

Jesus encouraged those he taught to open their eyes and ears – telling them: “How fortunate you are to have eyes that see and ears that hear. I assure you, many prophets and righteous people have wanted to see what you are seeing. They wanted to hear what you are hearing, but they could not” (Eyewitness Stories Matthew 13:14,15).

Jesus also says the same thing Isaiah said in stronger words in one Bible version. ** Men would refuse listen, refuse to hear, and refuse accept the truth. Other prophets also warned the Israelites too.

Jesus often reiterated what God had been saying for centuries, in stories or parables making them understandable and memorable for believers. Praise God that we have a written message in the Word of God. Through them we can pursue the insights Jesus gave about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your living Word – Jesus and the Holy Spirit who guide us into the Truth. What a wonder you are.

Questions: What other passages in Isaiah can you recall that refer to the coming Messiah? (There are many for sure.)

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