Fear Sin and its Consequences

Blessed and favored by God
is the man who fears [sin and its consequence] at all times,
But he who hardens his heart [and is determined to sin]
will fall into disaster (Proverbs 28:14 AMP).

This proverb expresses the requirement for each person to have reverence toward our holy God. Because of our sinful state we need of a Savior who removes the sting of sin and cleanses us from it. Believer, maintain your love for Jesus who loves you with unbounded love. Revere God and do not harden your heart toward him.


The man who keeps in his mind in awe God is blessed. Keep mindful of our desire to honor God. This strengthens us against temptation to sin. He is not surprised at attacks that come at him. Through prayer, watchfulness, and proven faith we do bless God.


Fearless and careless sinners, without the awe of our amazing God, too often follow their own desires. They continue to sin and do not repent of it. Proverbs 28:14 says, they will fall into disaster.

Even in this troubled state they are not out of the reach of our awesome, ever present God, who awaits their return with open arms. Revere God and do not harden your heart toward him.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your patience. Thank you for sending Jesus to reveal your love. You are the Almighty One. Selah.

Jesus and the Disciples

Jesus said, “Because you have seen me, Thomas, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen me, yet believe” (John 20:29 Eyewitness).

Eyewitness: pp. 258,259

In Your Bible: Mark 16:14; Luke 24:36-44; John 20:19-31 and 1 Corinthians 15:5,7

Jesus Appears to the Eleven

The first day of the next week the disciples, afraid of the Jewish leaders, met behind closed doors. They discussed all that had happened, the crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus. But now they couldn’t find Jesus’ body. Further, some of the women claimed to have seen him. The disciples were disappointed and confused.

Later [that Sunday evening] Jesus appeared to the eleven disciples as they were eating, and he reproached them for their lack of faith and rejection of those who had seen him after he had risen (Mark 36:14 Eyewitness).

He showed them his wounds and they realized it really was Jesus! Then he blessed them and commissioned the disciples. This was before Thomas was present.

“Peace be with you,” Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, I send you.” After saying these words he breathed on them. “Receive the Holy Spirit. The sins you forgive will be forgiven, and the sins you do not forgive will not be forgiven” (John 20:21-21 Eyewitness).

Some Bible commentators* say breathing on the disciples was a sign to them that Jesus was alive. It also demonstrated the spiritual life and power they would receive.

Thomas was Convinced

Eight days later, the disciples were gathered behind closed doors, and Thomas was with them. Jesus appeared and stood among them. “Peace be with you.” He said to Thomas, “Look at the scars in my hands, and put your finger where the nails were driven. Put your hand on my side. Do not doubt anymore. Believe.” Thomas cried,”My Lord and my God” (John 20:26-28 Eyewitness).

Jesus shows he cares for his disciples and all believers. He said to them [disciples], “When I was with you, I told you that everything written in the Law and the prophets, and the Psalms concerning me must be fulfilled.”He opened their eyes to understand the Scriptures”… (Luke 24:44,45 Eyewitness).

Application: It is still true. Blessed are those who have not seen Jesus and believe. The Savior is waiting for you to believe in him. If you already believe in Jesus, how can you help others believe?

Prayer: Father, thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me to forgive others.

Question: Who was the first man that God breathed life into? How do you relate to the disciple Thomas and his reluctance to believe? When was the last time you were emotionally sure of something but confused and disappointed at the same time?

* Mattew Henry, Commentary in One Volume, Matthew Henry, Regency Reference Library, Zondervan Publishing House, 1960. p.1628.