Eyes and Ears

Ears to hear and eyes to see
both are gifts from the Lord
(Proverbs 20:12 NLT)

Solomon states that these senses are gifts from the Lord! Twenty times in Scripture “eyes and ears” are used together to affirm that God tells his people to hear and see his message. Enjoy God’s gifts. Sharpen your hearing and eyesight to receive what God wants us to do.

God Through Moses

In Deuteronomy 29, God speaks to Moses and makes a Covenant with the sons of Israel. God’s people didn’t understand that he cared for them daily in their difficult journey into the Promised Land. God, through Moses, said they didn’t have eyes to see nor ears to hear what God was doing.

God Through Jesus

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells 8 parables to tell people they have eyes to hear and ears to hear. But, he says they neither hear, nor receive his teaching. Later he explains to the disciples helping them understand. It’s God’s perspective – and better understood now, with the written Word of God.

In Mark 8, Jesus performs the feeding of the 5,000— but the disciples seem to miss the point of the miracle. Jesus explains they saw and heard his miraculous works but they were thinking of actual food — necessary provision. Jesus wants them to receive his teaching — reliance on and provision by God.

Jesus speaks to us today, so listen to him intently. We should know what God wants for us. The Word of God tells us must to appreciate and use every gift he gives us. Sharpen our eyesight and hearing to receive what God wants us to do.

Prayer: Father, thank you for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear. Show me how to understand what your Spirit teaches through your Word.

Scriptures for “eyes to see – ears to hear”: Duet 29:4; 2 Chr 6:40 and 7:15; Ps 34:15; Isa 6:8,11:3,32:3,33:15,35:15, 43:8; Jer 5:21; Ezek 12:2, 40:4, 44:5; Matt 13:15,16; Mark 8:18, Rom 11:8 and 1 Pet 3:2.

1 thought on “Eyes and Ears

  1. Great insights Denny! I appreciate your spirit in wanting to share what God has put in your heart.

    I will be sharing this blog with my prospects and clients. I love these because they are biblically accurate, well researched, and have a lot of depth, but are also short, simple, and easy to digest for someone newer in the faith.

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