Reject Pride – Receive Grace

In Your Bible: Proverbs 3: 34,35

Solomon declares that mockers of sin or those who reject the Word are considered as fools by the Lord! A more current understanding here is these people are prideful – full of pride. God resists the proud, those with arrogance or a pharisaical spirit. Praise God, grace is imparted to the humble believer.

Reject Pride

He mocks proud mockers
 but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.
The wise inherit honor,
 but fools get only shame (Proverbs 3:34,35 NIV).

Don’t be confused. Believers are to be confident (but not proud) of their position in Christ. They know they in are secure hands. Our inheritance is being part of God’s family, grafted in through Christ Jesus. It’s truly a wonderful thing. Selah.

Receive Grace

Grace sanctifies, justifies, pardons, and adopts. These pure gifts for believers come without any merit motive, or condition on our part. God gives them liberally. *

What a contrast Solomon shows. Honor is given for the wise [trustworthy and dedicated believer] but fools [the proud and mockers] receive only shame. Believers have chosen the best and the right path in God’s eyes. Grace is imparted to the humble believer.

Prayer: Father, you are so generous with your love and grace. Thank you. Each day I take joy in praising You.

*John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible, Proverbs 3:34,35, at


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