Action Filled Acts

In Your Bible: Acts 1 through 2:1-11

Luke wrote both the Gospel Luke and the book of Acts. These might also be titled the History of the Founder of the Church and the History of the Followers of the Church.

Acts shows the Holy Spirit and the Apostles at work:

  • The descent of the Holy Spirit—birth of the Christian church
  • The ministry of the Apostle Peter to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles
  • The empowering men and women to carry on the work of Jesus Christ

In Acts we see the birth and power of the Christian Church.

Choosing the Twelfth Apostle

Peter stood among the believers to guide the choice of someone who would replace Judas as one of the Twelve. He must be . . . “one who was with us all the time that we were with the Lord Jesus—from the time he was baptized by John until the day he [Jesus] was taken from us into heaven” (Acts 1:21b-22a NLT).

The Eleven chose two men, Joseph and Matthias and cast lots to see who the replacement would be. Matthias became the Twelfth.

Like a Mighty Wind

Fifty days after Passover 120 men and women gathered in the upper room anticipating the gift from the Father. Yes, the day was specific, Pentecost (see Leviticus 23:15,16 the Feast of Weeks-one of thirteen specified Old Testament Feasts).

The world at the Time of Jesus

The world at the Time of Jesus

. . .Suddenly a sound came from heaven like a rushing violent wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. There appeared to them tongues resembling fire, which were being distributed [among them], and they rested on each one of them [as each person received the Holy Spirit].  And they were all filled [that is, diffused throughout their being] with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other] tongues (different languages), as the Spirit was giving them the ability to speak out [clearly and appropriately] Acts 2:2-4 AMP). Selah.

Jews from about 13 countries or regions of the known world, gathered for the Feast of Pentecost. Now they saw amazing things and heard in their own languages people speaking of the mighty works of God. Not gibberish—but mighty works or workings of God the Father.

In Acts we see the birth and power of the Christian Church.

Prayer: Father, what a wonder you are to allow believers receive Your Spirit. Selah.

Questions: Why were so many people from different nations gathering in Jerusalem? Name several purposes the Holy Spirit would provide for the believer.

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