Jesus’ Prayer In John 17 – Part One

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Eyewitness: John 17:4
Amplified: John 17:3
In Your Bible: John 17: 1-5

One Bible commentator, Henrietta Mears,* calls John 17 the “Holy of Holies of Scriptures” because it is so rich. Imagine an entire chapter of Jesus’ prayer to the Father for his followers. None of his prayers are as well documented as this one.** Every believer needs to understand these powerful words.

Jesus Begins His Prayer

Jesus turned, lifted up his eyes, and prayed to the Father. He talked to the Father about his time on earth, teaching, working miracles and showing God’s love for the people. Then he prayed for those who the Father gave to him. They believed. This includes everyone who receives the message of Jesus today. Glory!

Eternal Life

Jesus defined eternal life: . . . this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true [supreme and sovereign] God, and [in the same manner know] Jesus [as the] Christ whom You have sent (John 17:3 Amplified).

He went on to say, . . .”I have glorified you on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. Now, Father restore to me the glory I had with you before the world existed” (John 17:4 Eyewitness).

These verses are the keys to understanding Jesus’ intimate communication with the Father. Take time to ponder them again. Every believer needs to understand these powerful words.

Prayer: Father, thank you for eternal life. I do want to know you better, hear you better, and grow in my love for you.

Questions: Does Jesus’ statement clarify eternal life for you? Had you heard it in this context before? After reading all of John 17, how does knowing God and making him known apply today?

* What The Bible Is All About, Henrietta C. Mears, Regal Books a Division of G/L Publications, Glendale, California, USA, 1974, p. 147.

** Matthew Henry’s Commentary In One Volume, Matthew Henry, Regency Reference Library, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1960, p. 1603.

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