Tell What God Has Done In You

The Message: Luke 8:26-39
In your Bible: Luke 8:26-39

This fascinating account is better known for the pigs and demons than the main message. It presents us with a challenge and a guide as to what Jesus wants us to do – tell what God has done in you.

The Confrontation

Jesus arrived in Gerasenes, opposite Galilee, and met a man who was a victim of demons. When he saw Jesus . . . the unclean spirits screamed [from inside him] . . . “What business do you have messing with me? You’re Jesus, Son of the High God, but don’t give me a hard time!” The man said this because Jesus had started to order many unclean [6,000] unclean spirits out of him (Luke 8:28,29 The Message).

Changed Life

The witnesses to this event were scared and departed to their town. They reported this amazing but troubling story. When they came back to Jesus they found the man delivered and sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed, and in his right mind. It was a holy moment, and for a short time they were more reverent than curious (Luke 8:36 The Message).

Then the people of the village they saw only the loss of their commerce – pigs. They asked Jesus to leave – it was too much change, too fast, and they were scared.

Command to Tell Others

The man seeing the change Jesus made in him immediately wanted to go with his deliverer. Jesus commanded this man . . . “Go home and tell everything God did in you.” So he went back and preached all over town everything Jesus had done in him (Luke 8:39 The Message).

Prayer: Father, It’s often it’s not easy to tell people about what you have done for me. Many don’t care or are not concerned about your love. Help me find a way.

Question: How do you think the people who were mad at Jesus reacted to the man he had delivered?

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