Come To Me

“Come to me, all who are overburdened and weary. Like the lead ox on a team, I will help pull your heavy load. Take my yoke upon you, and learn to walk my way, for I am gentle and humble of heart. In me you will find rest for your soles because my yoke fits and your share of the load is light” (Eyewitness Stories, Matthew 11: 28-30).

Eyewitness Stories: p. 22
In Your Bible: Matthew 11: 27-30

People often gathered to watch Jesus and hear his powerful words of life. He drew crowds. He often said, “Come to me.” He says this for everyone.


Jesus uses the example of a paired ox team walking together. When believers come to Jesus, he promises they can walk with him and learn from him.We have heard about Jesus sharing our burdens. He assures us he will help carry our load. His yoke fits. He’s steady and reliable in unsafe or rocky areas – any circumstance! That’s assurance. He’s done it before, knows what he’s doing, and he helps believers in need.


The often-overlooked portion of this verse is “learn to walk my way.” Jesus is humble, gentle and so much more. He says we can learn to do it his way. Leave our way behind . . . learn and take on his.


He tells us his yolk fits him (perfectly). It’s a mystery how he is able to help in our work and give us rest as we walk with him. We can rest in him. Yes, come one and all to Jesus.

Prayer: Father, help me to take Jesus as my strong and steady guide.

Questions: How do you feel when you read Jesus’ words, “Come to me”?
What does it mean to learn how he walks? This should comfort you, but does it do more? How do you learn of Jesus’ ways?

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