Not These Attitudes

Jesus looked at his followers who had come to hear his teaching (Eyewitness Luke 6:20).

Eyewitness: p. 63.
In your Bible: Luke 6:24-26.

Jesus describes attitudes the believer must not participate in for Kingdom Living. Four woes spoken by Jesus are placed at the end of the beatitudes by several Bible scholars, including Frank Ball. Additionally a few Bible versions the Eyewitness and the Chronological Bible include them this way. These woes are termed what sorrow awaits you in some translations.

Ponder this sobering teaching by Jesus.

Say No to These Attitudes

The words listed in italics are from Luke 6:24-26 – Eyewitness version. I use some comments from Bible scholars (William Barclay, Matthew Henry, and John Gill), and add my version as the third one listed.

1. “Woe to the rich, those unwilling to help those who have less, for they already have their blessing.”

Woe to those seen as prosperous. They are miserable yet the world envies them. Instead of serving God with their prosperity they serve themselves and their lusts. *

Believers have leave all to follow God. They are generous and content to live for him. Yours is the Kingdom of God by belief in the Son of God… so live it!

2. “Woe to the well fed, those who think they have no need, for they will be hungry.”

Woe to those who live without knowing God as the source of life. They will hunger and be stripped of all the things they are so proud of. *

The self-righteousness (those that are full of themselves) are full of conceit, vanity, and pride. They have no appetite for spiritual things, nor hunger and thirst after Christ. ***

3. “Woe to the joyful, those who depend on circumstances for happiness, for they will weep and cry.”

Woe to them who know only happiness by carnal and sensual means. They entertain themselves with laughter of a fool. They will ultimately mourn and weep in a world of endless sorrow. *

Woe to those who laugh at sin, rejoice in iniquity, and glory in themselves—instead of mourning for it. They’ll lie down in sorrow. ***

4. “Woe to the politically correct, those who say what people want to hear, for that is what their fathers liked about the false prophets.”

Woe to those care only about the praise of men. They value themselves more than the favor of God. **

Believers should desire the approval of those the wise and good. They should not be indifferent to the critique or what people say of them.

Yes, we come face to face with an eternal choice to follow the world’s way or God’s way. God rewards the believer at the completion of life for following Kingdom Living.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the Holy Spirit who guides us to take on the ”godlike” attitudes.

Questions: Why do you believe Jesus focuses on in these “woes” for the believer? How do they affect or change your thinking?

* The Daily Study Bible, The Gospel of Luke, William Barclay, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1956, pp. 74,75.

** Matthew Henry Commentary, Luke 6,

*** John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible, Luke 6,

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