The Beatitudes – Part 2

When Jesus saw a crowd gathering, he went up on the hillside and his disciples came to him. He taught them saying . . . (Eyewitness Matthew 5:1-2a).

Eyewitness: p. 62.
In Your Bible: Matthew 5:8-12

Jesus presents God’s outline for Kingdom living. He teaches about attitudes that believers should think, say and implement. He gives us a picture of the character and position of those who receive Jesus’ instructions. Of course, it pertains to disciples who are in Christ today. Follow his teaching.

A Different View

This is different than my last blog on the first five beatitudes. Again I’ve taken the liberty to reword the last five of beatitudes (Matthew 5:8-12) to give another an eye opening experience. The verses in italics are from the Eyewitness. The verse reworded (bold) is my translation. It takes some thinking on your part to reverse these familiar verses, but I feel it will help in understanding overall.

v8. Blessed are the pure in heart, those who are inwardly clean for they will see God.
Those who will be able to see God have godlike joy for they are pure in heart and are inwardly clean.

v9. Blessed are the peacemakers, those who respond to an offense with kindness, they will be called God’s children.
The children of God are the peacemakers, they respond to an offense with kindness and godlike joy instead of harshness.

v10. Blessed are the persecuted, those who suffer because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Kingdom of God belongs to those who overcome with godlike joy when they suffer and are persecuted for righteousness.

vv11/12. Blessed are the hated, those who are rejected, insulted, and falsely accused because of me [Jesus]. In their day of abuse, they will rejoice because their reward in heaven is great. The ancient prophets were treated the same way.
The reward in Heaven is great for those who are rejected, insulted, and falsely accused because of me (Jesus). The ancient prophets were treated the same way.

We need to chew on Jesus’ words and then ask the Holy Spirit how to take on these attitudes he teaches us.

Prayer: Father, thank you that you want us to have the correct – godly attitude in good times and difficult times.

Questions: How do you see the application of the beatitudes affecting your actions? How much easier is it to conform to them in good times? How can you remind yourself to live the beatitudes no matter what the circumstances?

* Darby Bible Commentary,

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