A Touch and a Few Words

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“When he touched them and spoke a few simple words, he healed each one” (Eyewitness Luke 4:40).

Eyewitness: p. 52.
In Your Bible: Luke 4:33-44; John 14:12-14; Matthew chapters 5-7

Jesus Touches and Heals Each One

He healed with a touch and a few words

He healed with a touch and a few words

As Jesus traveled throughout Galilee, people got a close look at this wonder-working man. Many with diseases and some tormented by evil spirits came to him. Jesus’ actions fulfilled what the prophet Isaiah wrote long ago: Truly he has taken our infirmities and carried our pain (Eyewitness Isaiah 53:4).

Words With Authority

On a Sabbath when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, a man possessed with an evil spirit came up and screamed in torment. The evil spirits spoke through this man. “I know who you are, the Holy One sent from God.” Because they knew he was the Anointed One, he did not allow them to say more. (Eyewitness Luke 4:33-35).

“Silence!” Jesus commanded, “Come out of him!” The evil spirits left the man without harming him. Word of this encounter quickly spread throughout Galilee. The powerful Son of God works day and night to meet peoples’ needs.

The Kingdom of God

The people begged Jesus to stay longer. But he replied, “I must preach the Kingdom of God in other towns also.” He added, “That is why I came.” So he continued to preach in the synagogues of Galilee (Eyewitness Luke 4:43,44).

In the Gospel of Luke, this is the first time Jesus mentions the Kingdom. Commentators * write that the Kingdom meant three things at the same time:

  • The past, where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were in the Kingdom centuries ago.
  • The present, when Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you [believers] (Luke 17:21b).
  • The future, where it meant, that is something that God will give believers.

This must seem a bit confusing to the believer. However, I feel we believers must focus on the present – the Kingdom of God is within you.

Review what Jesus says about Kingdom living. He taught about it several times is in the gospels, but an excellent summary is seen in the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew chapters 5-7. Read over these chapters and see how Jesus clarifies Kingdom Living for the believer.

Prayer: Father, I want to keep my words simple, directed at what you want me to say, and live in Kingdom Living. Thank you for wanting this for me.

Questions: What spiritual things do you see happening around you? After reading Matthew chapters 5-7, what do you see differently about how God wants you to live?

*The Daily Study Bible, The Gospel of Luke, William Barclay, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1956, 50,51.

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