Jesus Gets Angry

Eyewitness: p. 39
In Your Bible: Jeremiah 7:11; Matthew 21:12,13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:15-18; John 2:13-22

It was nearly time for the Passover celebration in Jerusalem. Jesus and his disciples went to the Temple to celebrate, give thanks and pray. When Jesus arrived at the Court of the Gentiles, He saw the exploitation of the people. This portion of the Temple had become almost entirely secularized and commercialized. *

Violation of God’s House

What Jesus saw broke his heart:

  • His Fathers’ house of prayer was insulted.
  • Gentiles and poor Jews were exploited buy greed of the money-changers, priests and merchants.
  • This disturbance in the Court of the Gentiles hampered worship in God’s house.

Jesus Anger in the Temple

Jesus, knowing God was insulted, acted quickly. He made a whip from small cords drove out sheep and cattle, scattered the money-changers coins and turned over their tables. Yes, Jesus was angry. He divulged why he did this quoting the prophet Jeremiah, “The Scriptures say the Temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have turned it into a hangout for robbers” (Eyewitness Mark 11:17).

Prayer: Father, guide me daily to honor you in my worship, in my church, and in hearing your voice.

Question: Today, do we lose our sense of the ‘presence’ of God as we worship or pray? Why are we not more offended at ungodly things around us?

* William Barclay, The Daily Bible Study Series, The Gospel of Mark, Revised Edition, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1956, pp. 272-275.

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