John Baptizes Jesus

“This is what should be done,” Jesus said. “We must do all that God requires of us.” So John consented and baptized him. (Matthew 3:15 Eyewitness).

Eyewitness: p. 33
In Your Bible: Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-23a

Little is known about the childhood of Jesus or his cousin, John the Baptist. His message was a call for repentance and confession of man’s sin.

John’s Ministry

John the Baptist knew Jesus was from God. Jesus went to where John was baptizing. When Jesus stepped into the water, John objected saying, ”I should be baptized by you. Why are you coming to me?” “This is what should be done,” Jesus said. “We must do all that God requires of us.” So John consented and baptized him (Eyewitness Matthew 3:14,15).

John the Baptist explained the baptism of repentance is critical to serving God. Prior to that a Jew did ceremonial washing as purification. John the Baptist asked the Jews to submit to baptism. Previously baptism was required only of Gentile converts. But with baptism, John added the need for confession to God, for a cleansed life. * Those who heard understood. Shocking but they got it right!

God Affirms Jesus

When Jesus comes out of the water, he looked skyward and prayed. Then the Holy Spirit like a dove descended on Jesus. God said, “You are my Son, whom I love. I am well pleased with you” (Eyewitness Luke 3:22). You are My son, is from Psalm 2:7 which is a verse every Jew knew as the description of the Messiah. Whom I love (or in whom my soul delights) is from Isaiah 42:1.

Jesus' Baptism

Jesus’ Baptism

After this, Jesus began his public ministry. He was empowered by the Holy Spirit and in continuous communication with his Father.

Prayer: Father, thank you for hearing me.

Questions: Why do you think Jesus needed to be baptized?

* The Gospel of Mark, Daily Study Bible Series, William Barclay, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1975, pp. 13,14.

Photo courtesy of Dunatos777 via flikr

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