Encourage – Don’t Be Critical

No Do Nutting Dat Goin Make You Bruddas An Sistas Mess Up (Romans 14:13b Da Jesus Book).

Romans 14 By Frank Ball
Romans 14 Da Jesus Book
Romans 14 In Your Bible

Offensive behavior and judging others hinder a believer’s growth in Christ. Whereas good behavior helps others see Christ in you.

Encourage Others

God observes what we do and say. Therefore, don’t be critical. Instead, be encouraging, seeking to avoid any behavior that might cause another Christian to stumble (Romans 14:13 by Frank Ball).

Right Relationships  (or Right Living)

For three years Jesus’ teaching focused on the Kingdom of God. Not surprisingly, he addressed this topic at least 54 times during his ministry. * Therefore, a believer’s goal is to please God with this type of lifestyle (Kingdom Living).

The Kingdom of God is not built upon what you eat or drink. It’s built upon our relationship with him – each of us following the direction of the Holy Spirit in righteousness, peace, and joy (Romans 14:17 by Frank Ball).

Paul sums it up with . . . Instead of focusing on everything wrong, let’s make peace with others by giving encouragement and compliments for doing what is right (Romans 14:19 by Frank Ball).

Prayer: Father, I don’t want my brothers or sisters in Christ to mess up. Help me understand more about Kingdom of God. Help me live this lifestyle daily.

Questions: How difficult is it for you to remain positive when things go wrong? Jot down a list of times you have received help by positive comments in times of trial?

* From Biblegateway.com.

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