Give Your Best For God

For everything comes from him; exists by his power and by his power and is intended for his glory. To him be glory evermore. Amen (Romans 11:36 NLT).

Romans 12:1,2 by Frank Ball
Romans 12:2 Da Jesus Book
Romans 11:36 New Living Translation
Romans 12:1,2 In Your Bible

After Paul’s wonderful prayer in Chapter 11:36, he’s ready to prepare the believer for action in the first part of Chapter 12. In some versions, Paul appeals, begs, and urges believers to take to heart what he teaches. It is important and heady stuff.

God is amazing, full of secrets, blessings and surprises. And yes, he also judges us for not obeying. Because we are steeped in our to-day interaction with the world, we merely see glimpses of his greatness. Nevertheless these glimpses should change believers.


Paul pleads for believers to give their best . . . all who have said they want to follow the Lord, make a total commitment to please him in all things, sacrificing everything you want so you may receive something better. Your reasonable service is giving 100 per cent of yourself, more than just a tithe, a few songs, and verbal expressions of your love (Romans 12:1 by Frank Ball).

Believers should not follow what society does, but live modestly, be humble and seek what God wants. Help others, because that’s the action and kindness we see in the Lord. The believers’ goal should be to live a life to please God. Quite a contrast with the goal society shows us.

Ability by God’s Grace

Paul assures you as a believer, God has given you the ability, grace and faith to do the things God wants you to do. Yes, God’s and his Word will transform your mind.

Eh! No make lik hos da peopo nowdays telling you how fo do! Mo betta, you guys let God make you guys tink differ insid, so you can tink new way bout everything. Den you can go figga how God like you do. An da ting God like you do, stay good and make God stay good insid, and everytime stay perfeck (Romans 12:2 Da Jesus Book).

Take time meditate on these first two verses of Romans Chapter 12 of and enjoy God’s message for all believers. Next we’ll focus our devotion on gifts of the church and love, using Romans 12:3-21

Prayer: Father, thank you for your grace, power, and mercy to enable me to seek your will and follow it.

Question: How do these three verses (Romans 11:36 to 12:2) prepare you to follow what Paul urges us to do?

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