God Reaches Out

NOTE: See Concept Page for more detailed background. Most of the Scriptures used in this newest blog are from Frank Ball’s rendering of the biblical book of Romans. (The Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Living in the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Frank Ball allowed me to shorten the title to Romans by Frank Ball for convenience). Other reference sources will be documented, i.e. Da Jesus Book, New Living Translation, New American Standard (NASB), Amplified Bible, etc.

People who believe God will never be sorry (Romans 10:11 by Frank Ball).

Romans 10 by Frank Ball
Romans 10 in your Bible

Paul knows the Roman believers have a passion for God and a desire to please him by doing good. He pleads for them to understand. When we have complete trust in Jesus Christ . . . our desires change to always wanting to please God. This ends the law’s need to force our good behavior (Romans 10:4 by Frank Ball).

Come to God

God makes no distinctions between different groups of people. He is a generous giver, wanting to share his riches with all who place their trust in him. Paul boldly states part of Isaiah 28:16, People who believe in God will never be sorry. This makes his point, Everyone who comes under the Lord’s direction and authority will be saved (Romans 10:11-13 by Frank Ball).

God makes the same offer today – fellowship with him – that he made long ago. Yet too many have ignored his invitation. Salvation is available today through Jesus Christ.

God said, I am always reaching out, but the people of Israel go their own way, disobedient and rebellious, doing what is right in their own eyes (Romans 10:21 by Frank Ball). Sadly, people of all nations still miss God!

Prayer: Father, thank you for your steadfast love for me. I fail in my own effort. Help me. I praise you because I have fellowship with you.

Questions: God desires to fellowship with you. Does anything keep you from that joy today?

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