No Separation From God

So den, God no punish da peopo dat stay tight wit Jesus Christ (Romans 8:1 Da Jesus Book).

Da Jesus Book: Romans 8
Romans 8 by Frank Ball
In Your Bible: Romans 8

Paul has strong words in Romans 8 concerning man’s sin nature and living a sinful life. Then he affirms the believer with God’s unconditional, steadfast love and his promise to help renew our minds through the Holy Spirit (see Romans 12:2).

God’s Children

Truly we are bonded with the Father through Jesus. By grace we receive confidence of His love, care and concern. God’s Spirit confirms in our human spirit that we are his children (Romans 8:16 by Frank Ball).

The profound words from Da Jesus Book demand we ponder and meditate:

So den, wat we goin say bout all dat? God stay fo us to da max. Cuz God lidat, who going agains us? No mo nobody! God neva even hold back hos own Boy. He wen make um one sacrifice fo help all us guys. God wen give his own Boy fo mahke fo us. You know, dat mean God no hold back notting. He give us every good ting to da max (Romans 8:31,32 Da Jesus Book).

Romans Chapter 8 starts with encouragement and ends with encouragement…to da max.

Prayer: Father, thank you for showing believers are your children. Always in your care, concern and love. Amazing love.

Questions: God claim all who believe in Jesus Christ as His children. How does this change your understanding or thinking? What does it mean to you when you read… we cannot lose as long as we maintain our desire to please him (Romans 8:31b by Frank Ball)?

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