Get Right With God

Know this: Christ died for his enemies at a time when they were undeserving of his favor and were unable to help themselves (Romans 5:6 by Frank Ball).

Romans 5 by Frank Ball
Romans 5 Da Jesus Book
In your Bible: Romans 5

Paul shows man can change his position of being away from God. They simply must believe Jesus as their Savior. Believers gain salvation and amazing peace that can come from no other source.

The Door Is Open With God

Coming to God by faith, as he always wanted us to do, we gain right standing with him. We throw open our doors to God and discover that he has already thrown open his doors to us (Romans 5:2 The Message). What a delightful discovery had been hidden to mankind for ages.

Look at this part of Romans another way. Natives (in Hawaiia Pidgin) understand it fully. So den, cuz we wen trus God, as why we get um right wit him. Dass why our heart stay clear inside wit God awready, cuz our Boss Jesus, da Spesho guy wit God Wen Send we make um good fo everybody (Romans 5:1 Da Jesus Book).


Jesus brings reconciliation to our relationship with God. That’s what we need. One transgression (sin) by Adam – resulted in rejection by God – banished Adam from God’s direct presence in the Garden. Jesus’ act of obedience – death on a cross – resulted in believers’ ability to receive from God:

  • Forgiveness
  • Right standing
  • Eternal life

Prayer: Father, I know how much you love me. I’m in awe of you. Thank you.

Questions: How do you know God loves you? How does receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior “make things right” with you and God?

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