Get Right With God

Our right standing with God comes through Jesus Christ, who brought God’s pardon of our death sentence by shedding his own blood, if we believe in him (Romans 3:24,25 by Frank Ball).

Romans by Frank Ball: Romans 3
Da Jesus Book: Romans 3
In Your Bible: Romans 3

In Romans, Paul goes to the heart of how all mankind can know Father. Looking at different, unique versions of the Scriptures may define new understanding of familiar verses.

All Have Sinned

It is as the song writer David the Psalmist said:

“God looks down from Heaven to see if people are wise enough to find him on their own. Everyone has made mistakes. In failing to please him, they have made themselves filthy. No one is spotless. No, not one” (Psalm 53:3 in Romans 3:10,11 by Frank Ball).

Paul brings this psalm into his letter to show believers the need for the Law. The written Law ends arguments about what is right or wrong. Laws expose our transgressions. But they don’t reveal the condition of our hearts – the area that truly needs change.

How to Respond to God’s Message

Those who put their faith in Jesus Christ show their faith by their actions or life. True faith doesn’t nullify the Law. It confirms the Law by leading us [believers] to do what God wants (Romans 3:31 by Frank Ball).

True righteousness comes from responding to God’s message and the marvelous work of the Holy Spirit. Belief in Jesus as Savior transforms the believer to righteousness – being right with God.

Da Jesus Book, in Wycliffe’s Translation for the Hawaiian people describes how God makes us right with him: God wen makes us get um right wit him wen we trus Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He do dat fo everybody dat trus him, no mo notting diffren (Romans 3:22 Da Jesus Book).

Prayer: Father, I know I have sinned and have fallen short. Thank you for Jesus the Savior of my soul.

Questions: What makes you realize the state of your imperfection? Describe when and how you became right with God?

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