Power of the Gospel

Because of Jesus, we have received God’s undeserved kindness. In our gratitude and excitement, we have an obligation to deliver his message to people all around the world (Romans1:5 by Frank Ball).

Romans by Frank Ball: Romans 1:1-17
In Your Bible: Romans 1:1-17

Romans contains encouraging and corrective comments – both are important. However, as a devotional I prefer to focus on the edifying aspects as we meditate on God’s Word.

Are you grateful and excited about the message of Jesus? Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a wonderful privilege (Romans 1:6 by Frank Fall).

Undeserved Kindness

Jesus said, “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him shall not be lost, but should have eternal life” (John 3:16 J.B. Phillips). Note this inclusive wording – everyone who believes – it should excite the new believer and the seasoned one as well. For it is true, believers receive undeserved kindness from God.

Boast in God

Has becoming a believer changed your life? Paul says it will and believers are obligated to get the message out! We all should be boasting of how God has changed our lives, and what Jesus means to us (Romans 1:17c by Frank Ball). Yes, go on and boast in the Lord…he’s the giver to be praised.

Prayer: Father, your salvation embraces all who believe in you. Thank you for this undeserved kindness and position in Christ Jesus.

Questions: Has your excitement from the day you received the Lord Jesus Christ grown or diminished? What do you think of when you read “undeserved kindness” Paul writes about?

2 thoughts on “Power of the Gospel

  1. My excitement waxes and wanes but I never forget how He loves me and delivered my from my sinful life. It has been many years synced I gave my life to Jesus and He filled me with the Holy Spirit but when I stop to realize this fact I am blown away. I want to give more. This devo helps me focus on that.

    • Thanks Bonnie,
      Amazing love – He extends to all who ask.
      I am nurtured by the underserved kindness the Father has for us through Jesus. What a Savior, what a caring/loving Father we have.

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