New Series in Romans

This devotion will now focus on the book of Romans, with the main source the Bible – always. We will also use a book (in modern language Scripture) called ROMANS, Living in the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Frank Ball. He is the author of Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story, which I’ve done several devotional blogs on previously.

Frank Ball has this to say about how Paul might view today’s church:

If the apostle Paul were to walk into the church today, he might see the theater seats and musicians on stage and ask, “Why have I been invited to a rock concert?” Or maybe in a traditional service, the slow playing of an old hymn would make him wonder if people didn’t know that Christ was alive, not dead.

Ball seems to say, Paul would recognize a need to use updated language from what he wrote to the church in Rome!

My goal will be to gain insight for believers to live by. I’ll not promote specific or separate doctrinal themes. The body of believers should embrace in Jesus’ love rather than fight over differences.

Do check the “About” and “Concept” Pages for more information that may be helpful. Note: When citing Scripture from ROMANS, Living in the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I will simply use Romans by Frank Ball

Please pray and meditate on God’s Word, then try to apply it to your daily life. I’ll try to do that also.

Climb in, slow down and enjoy.


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