Our Example – Jesus Christ

Instead, he [Jesus] lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a selfless, obedient death—and the worst kind of death at that—a crucifixion (Philippians 2:8 The Message).

The Message: Philippians 2:1-13
In Your Bible: Philippians 2:1-13

Some commentators say there are few times when Paul mentions guidance for church leaders – this letter is one. Paul writes this letter not only to believers in Philippi, but also to pastors and ministers there.


Paul describes in great depth how believers should interact. He uses the term “in the community of the Spirit” to reflect care, concern, and love for one another. These characteristics show you indeed do care, yet defer to each other in humility.


Jesus taught and lived a life of obedience to the Father. He came to earth in the form of a man, gave up equal status with the Father. And… Because of that obedience, God lifted him high and honored him… (Philippians 2:9 The Message). He didn’t do it for a reward – it was his nature. What a model for all believers!

We who know what God asks of us must obey. Then we … will bow in worship before this Jesus Christ, and call out in praise that he is the Master of all, to the glorious honor of God the Father (Philippians 2:11 The Message).

Paul encourages the Philippians to be energetic, reverent and sensitive before God. He continues, saying it’s actually God’s energy within you. Wow!

Prayer: Father, I hear you loud and clear. Help me share your love, be caring, and be humble – to honor you. Help me put others first. I need your guidance to obey you.

Questions: As you read these attributes of Jesus, how or where do you begin your journey of change? How do you listen to what is said with new ears.

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