Jesus Teaches More on Prayer

……you can be sure your heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those [believers] who ask of him (Eyewitness Luke 11:13b).

Eyewitness: p. 146
In Your Bible: Matthew 6:5-13; Luke 11:1-13

Rabbis had a custom of teaching their disciples how to pray, John the Baptist taught his disciples how to pray. But Jesus surprised them. He wanted his disciples and believers today, to know how simple prayer should be – focused on what the Father wanted for them. He did not want repetitious, long winded, or rote prayer. Prayer should be focused on these things:

  • The Father’s glory.
  • The believers’ present need.
  • The need for forgiveness.
  • Reflection on the power and glory of God.

Comparison and Contrast

After Jesus finished teaching what we call the “Lord’s Prayer,” he went into a parable about two things that contrast each other:

  • If a son asks his dad for a fish, will his dad give him something that would harm him, like a snake? No!
  • If a son asks his dad for an egg, will his dad give him something that would harm him, like a scorpion? No!

Through this parable, Jesus assures the disciples and all believers that our loving Father knows us and wants the best for us. The Father wouldn’t do anything to harm the believer or his children.

Jesus Says Ask for the Holy Spirit of God

Asking the Father for something – including the Holy Spirit – is what He wants.This entire teaching on how to pray shows the Father wants believer to move into Kingdom living. We couldn’t do it without Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father loving us.

Application: It’s amazing that all believers and many non-believers know the “Lord’s Prayer.” Jesus shows believers need not beg, plead, nor browbeat God to answer prayer. The key to answered prayer is honoring God and knowing his overwhelming love.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your patience with us, as we learn more of you. Jesus’ sacrifice shows your overwhelming love for mankind. You are wonderful.

Question: Does this help you see the Lord’s Prayer and the parable following it differently? Will you see Luke chapter 11 with new eyes and an open heart about what the Father wants and offers you today?

3 thoughts on “Jesus Teaches More on Prayer

  1. Denny- how do you respond to a mother whose 4 year old has a brain tumor, with the same type of cancer as he had two years ago of his kidney? He had the kidney removed, chemo and finally remission. The tumor has shrunk with the chemo, but he has six weeks of radiation starting next week. He’s the grandson of our dear friends-he lives in Houston. Their daughter was raised Lutheran and she married a Mormon. They have a Team Simon on FB and sometimes the pictures of him are so sad, it hurts my heart. There is a lot of prayer support from those on FB as well as others. My friend said that she knows that God’s in control, but why allow this to happen to a child? There has been a lot of typical hospital run around, which makes this whole situation worse!! The Mom lost her job just before this-no insurance-the Dad works at the Mormon church, yet not very supportive it seems. I do appreciate you blogs and always find a nugget just for me!!
    God bless and my love to you both. Barb

    • Barb,
      That’s always difficult, because we cannot see the “other side” – God caring for children even that young. Our best effort remains, prayer, prayer, and more prayer. Do not be discouraged by people, medical stuff (multiple systemic problems, hospital or hospital staff in disarray, how to pay (a big problem – but not bigger than God), or the big discourager – Why asking God why. I don’t like to say God’s in control because that makes God involved in the “why” – I’d rather leave it in His hands and know He wants the best for kids, parents, teenagers, singles, and all who call on His Name.

      Why? Dunno, but I do know He’s a good God and continues to prove it even when all looks very bad.

      Keep on praying and doing everything for those passing through the awful stages of life – we are assured He cares for us.

      Thanks for following and getting pearls………I do too as I find insights into Jesus’ love.

      Blessings and love,

      Jude 24,25

    • So much we cannot see in this lifetime. So many people (whom we consider deserving of the best) and so many (we consider deserving their punishment now) – but we must leave it all in God’s hands and show, serve, love in His manner. That’s not easy on without pain some times.
      Blessings and Love in Jesus,

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