The Father Shows – Jesus Does

“Whatever the Father does, the Son will do likewise, because the Father loves the Son and shows him everything he does” (Eyewitness John 5:19,20).

Eyewitness: p.99
In Your Bible: John 5:17-24

Healing a lame man in Jerusalem at the pool called Bethesda, brought Jesus trouble again – because he did it on the Sabbath. The Jewish leaders claimed Jesus did work which was not allowed by Law on this holy day. They were sure this time they has a valid reason to persecute Jesus.

Jesus reasoned with the leaders, but the spiritual level he presented was beyond their understanding. Jesus said, “My Father has always been at work doing good, and I must do the same” (Eyewitness John 5:17). His intent was to tell religious leaders of “why” instead their focus was on “when.” It inflamed their anger.


Now they had Jesus in another offense, he called God his Father inferring he was equal with God. In defense, Jesus said, “I assure you that the Son can do nothing by his own initiative but will only do what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise, because the Father loves the Son and shows him everything he does” (Eyewitness John 5:19,20).

What a joy for Jesus to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs each time the Father shows him to do something. The Father shows – Son does. It’s not merely for mankind to get the blessing or healing, but for God to get the honor and glory through Jesus.

Believers, receive Jesus’ encouraging words: “Listen. Those who hear what I am saying and believe on him who sent me will have eternal life. They will avoid condemnation, passing from death to life” (Eyewitness John 5:24). If we think this is only applies to those who heard Jesus speak when he was on earth, John the Apostle clarifies it in his Gospel: The Holy Spirit is given to believers to help them remember everything Jesus said.


Be sure to hear what Jesus has to say. Showing honor due the Son of God, reveals believers are honoring the Father too. This was a additional mountain sized stumbling block for the Jewish leaders. It should not be a stumbling block for believers today, but instead a wonderful opportunity embedded in every breath we take. Glory!

Application: Jesus admits he does only what his Father shows him to do – an amazing revelation. We should not take any of Jesus’ words lightly. No, we must meditate on them and let them sink in to our spirit. They should “direct our path” as the psalmist says.

Prayer: Father, I want to know/hear all that You are saying and doing.

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