God’s Attitude Toward Material Things

“…..Your heavenly Father already knows what you need. Seek first his Kingdom, and he will give you everything you need” (Eyewitness Luke 12:30b).

Eyewitness: p. 152,153
In Your Bible: Luke 12:13-34

Maybe it has always been that man believes “more is better” especially when it comes to wealth. This includes bank accounts no one else sees and things people do see like clothes, cars, and homes. Jesus warned those with much and comforted those with little – to take God’s attitude on material things.


When asked to settle a dispute between two brothers concerning a family inheritance, Jesus avoided giving personal advice, instead he taught how possessions effect people. Jesus said, “Look, do not be greedy. Satisfaction in life does not come from having an abundance of possessions” (Eyewitness Luke 12:15).

Jesus told a story about a rich farmer whose land produced a terrific crop one season, which made him richer. The farmer reasoned, I’ll build bigger barns to store it, take it easy, eat, drink, and have the time of my life.

The farmer’s thinking was far off target, so Jesus pointedly put it into perspective. “But God said, ‘You Fool! Tonight you will die, so what good is all the wealth you have accumulated?’ This is what happens to all who store treasure for themselves and are not rich toward God in their giving” (Eyewitness Luke 12:20,21).

Jesus challenges those with much to see God wants his people to be benevolent givers. He desires selflessness not selfishness – sharing and giving, not hoarding or keeping excess.


Jesus encourages his followers, using examples of God’s provision in nature. See how God, our source, looks after and provides for the birds and flowers. They don’t possess anything. If that is so, and it is, why should a believer worry or be anxious? He challenges those with little not to be weak in faith.

“Your heavenly Father knows what you need. Seek first his Kingdom, and he will give you everything you need” (Eyewitness Luke 12:30b). These comforting words apply to mankind and nature alike. Jesus makes sure that listeners hear the Father delights in believers’ seeking the Kingdom.

Application: Jesus sums it all up with this comment: “If you sell what you have and give to those in need, you will store up for yourselves treasure…..For wherever your treasure is, your heart will be there also” (Eyewitness Luke 12:33,34). This is not a command. Selling some of our “stuff” and giving to the poor may be something we need to do. God is our source. The aim is to stay Kingdom focused, seek God and be generous.

Prayer: Father, keep me balanced, not distracted by material things. Show me daily how to keep you first in my life.

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