Must I Serve?

I have given you an example, so you should do for others as I have done for you.  John 13:15

Eyewitness: pp. 220,221

In Your Bible: John 13:3-17

We may think we’re too busy to add one more task to our daily “to-do-list.” However, the daily lifestyle of a believer should seek ways, even small ones, to help others. Please hold the “I can’t do that” thought for a minute.

How Can You Serve

How Can You Serve

Observe the life of Jesus. The biblical record reveals why people were awed by what he said and did. Whether it was a miracle making a person whole or just meeting a need–Jesus’ compassion and caring made a difference. He was on the alert, seeking to serve.

Jesus Sets the Example……Foot-Washing

Just before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus gathered the disciples together for what happened to be their last time to eat with him. Upon completion of this bread and wine celebration, Jesus did a shocking thing. He rose from the table, changed his garments, then washed and dried the disciples feet.

He explained. This wasn’t washing their feet to get them clean, it was modeling servanthood. Jesus also provoked them about their need to serve: Since I am your teacher and master and I have served you, you should serve one another. I have given you an example, so you should do for others as I have done for you. John 13:17.

Jesus makes this additional point by the foot washing. He shows the Master does the serving….not being greater by position but greater by serving. Serving is a must! A very strong connection is present in these seemingly unrelated roles.

Frank Ball in the Eyewitness reveals wording for John 13:17, not seen in many other versions: Knowing the truth is not enough. You must do the serving to experience true happiness. Yes, we must serve to receive joy and happiness–Jesus lifestyle.

To be certain, the first part of your life with Jesus and entering the Kingdom is accepting him as your Savior. As you grow in the Word, it should guide your life. That is just the beginning.

How Can I Serve?

There are many ways to serve as you can think of:

* Speaking a word of encouragement

* Listening as support

* Showing mercy with a touch or a smile

* Giving of yourself when that’s all you have

* Praying for others

* Reading the Word

* You may find yourself adding many more here

Application: In this example of Jesus washing the disciples feet, it’s easy to miss Jesus’ teaching about the blessings, joy, or happiness that he promises for doing the serving.

Prayer:  Father, your Son demonstrated servanthood. Show me ways You want me to serve others and not focus on myself. I want You to get the glory.

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