What Do You Live By?


Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4

From: Eyewitness: p 34
In Your Bible: Matthew 4:1-11; Deuteronomy 8 (entire chapter)

What are your basic daily needs? Most of us would include water, air, food, sleep, and probably money. God has a much different view on needs than we fully understand or begin to realize.

Yes, we need water, air and food. But do we consider the unmentioned key basic need – knowing and obeying God? He promised he would be our source, if we believed and trusted in him. From the beginning with Adam and Eve, every biblical hero, to believers today – God revealed we need him and must obey him!

When the Israelites fled Egypt and had no water or food in the desert, they complained to Moses:
* God heard their cry
* God told Moses how to sweeten the bitter water at Marah using a tree (Ex 15:23-27 NASB)

* Later when the Israelites were hungry, God provided bread from heaven (manna) for their daily food (Ex 16:3-32 NASB)
* God fed them and reminded them to obey Him
* God showed them He was their need

His words are the source – Jesus sets the example

After Jesus was baptized by John, the Spirit led him into the desert for forty days. He fasted all this time and was very hungry. The first challenge by Satan focused on Jesus’ physical need. The tempter knew Jesus was the Son of God and Jesus knew his ability to perform miracles was not the reason for this test.

Satan challenged Jesus to prove who he is. He commanded Jesus to turn stones into bread – show you are a miracle worker. No way was that going to happen. Jesus quick reply was to quote Deuteronomy 8:3, “People do not live by bread only, but by everything God says.”

Even at his weakest physical state, Jesus didn’t waver. We must know what God says or shows us. Jesus referred to the time when God commanded the Israelites to remember how much he did for them. God’s words will sustain us even today – believe it.

Let’s redirect our thinking on basic needs – “And my God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in in glory in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:19 NASB). Yes, God’s word remains our first source to live by. Live by every word God has for you – The Word written, read, spoken, life breathed into you.

Application: Read his Word and listen to his voice. See how he cared for Israel. See how much he loved – he gave his only Son that you may have life in him. He says my words will sustain you!

Prayer: Father, I want to chew on these Scriptures, mull them over, take them to heart, and hear your voice. Help me live by them.

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