God Publicly Affirms Jesus – Again

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Eyewitness: pp. 189-191
In your Bible: John 12:12-44; Matthew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22

A huge crowd came to the City of David for Passover. They heard Jesus was coming and some thought they might also see Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead at Bethany. On this day of remembrance, expectations were high.

Jesus’ triumphal entry

Many shouted praises to Jesus as he rode the donkey:
“Great Glory to the Son of David.”
“Hail to the King.”
“Blessed be the one who comes in God’s name.”

“Blessed is the kingdom of our father David.”
“Praise God in the highest heaven.”
“Blessed is the king sent by God, who brings peace.”
“Let the heavens rejoice and God be glorified.”

But some Pharisees told him to rebuke the people for doing this. Jesus’ comment to the Pharisees was quick. “You can be certain,” Jesus said, “that if they kept quiet, the stones would have to shout praises.”

When Jesus came closer to Jerusalem, he wept and spoke to that great city, “Oh, if you only knew the peace that is available to you today, but you cannot see it.” He entered the city and went straight to the Temple. He observed the people and spent time interacting with them until evening. Jesus focus was entirely on what God wanted him to do.

God Speaks

He told them my soul is troubled. He knew what he must go through. Jesus then said, “This is why I came. Father bring glory to your name.” And just as happened at Jesus’ baptism and the Transfiguration, God affirmed him. A voice from heaven said, “I have already glorified my name and will do so again” (Eyewitness John 12:28).

When bystanders heard this, they thought it might have been thunder. But others thought it was an angel speaking. Then, Jesus referred to God’s own utterance, “That voice was for your benefit not mine” (Eyewitness John 12:30). That’s God and Jesus, making it clear to all!

Jesus then strongly encouraged his followers, “Those who believe in me are also believing in the one who sent me” (John 12:44). And today, believers must still cling to this bold statement. Believe in Jesus, believe in God and step out in faith.

Application: God speaks to mankind – then and now! We need to listen even when it seems confusing. Jesus focused on what his Father had for him to say and do. So should we.

Prayer: Father, thank you. When you spoke affirming words about your Son, all those who were present were in awe. I want to hear your voice and learn from you. I am in awe of you, Lord.

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