How Can I Be Most Blessed?

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…..The most blessed are those who hear God’s word and obey him. Luke 11:28

Eyewitness: pp. 147,148
In your Bible: Luke 11:27,28

I couldn’t be more blessed! That’s how many of us often feel when things are going well. We’re overwhelmed by the goodness of God. But Jesus says a believer can be most blessed.

Jesus performed miracles, showed kindness, and gave mercy when no one else could or would. This drew crowds. On one occasion, a woman in awe of what Jesus was doing shouted out, “Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you.”

Jesus’ reply stunned the crowd. “No,” he said, “the most blessed are those who hear God’s word and obey him.” Wow, I hadn’t seen it that way before! Simple words from Jesus should direct our thinking to God’s view on being blessed.

Yes, they were sincere and heartfelt comments by the woman. But Jesus wanted to redirect the thought from family to the blessing giver – God. Jesus showed a deeper meaning, one the Father intended for us to hear again. Interruptions like this gave him plentiful teaching moments – we need to pay attention.

We think Jesus made statements (aside from parables themselves) too difficult to grasp – not really. When we ponder this comment about blessings, the focus turns from our receiving to hearing what God wants us to hear. Obey him and his word. Life giving, life rewarding advice. Then, we will be most blessed.

Application: Yes, believers can be most blessed. True blessings follow hearing and putting God’s word into action. Often Jesus didn’t say what people expected. Study Jesus’ words, hear them with new ears.

Prayer: Father, help me see the simplicity in what Jesus says.

2 thoughts on “How Can I Be Most Blessed?

  1. Nice insights Denny. I was recently reading Chucky Swindoll’s insights on the book of Luke. In this passage he said the following about the incident.
    “The blessing on the mother of Jesus was considered an especially high compliment in an age that honored parents. Her beatitude said, in effect, “Your mother is a blessed woman for having such a wonderful son; she must have done somthing right”
    Jesus received the compliment graciously, but He expresses His desire for a response to His word-the Word of God-instead of compliments. Those who hear the Word of God and heed it are the ones most deserving of honor”

    More of the upside down Kingdom.

    Thanks for making time to share your insights into the scriptures.


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